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October 15, 2010 / forgotthosegems

The Beach Boys, God Only Knows










I was listening to an amazing cover of ‘God Only Knows’ by a really great band Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr this morning and fell in love with the song for a second time. I can’t exactly remember when I fell in love with it the first time… probably when I was about 9 or 10; my parents had a Beach Boys love songs album which used to get played occasionally during dinner time and I used to sing along to ‘Help me Rhonda’ thinking I was pretty funny because that’s my grandmothers name… I was not a clever comedian.  Anyway, enjoy this gem 🙂

Song: God Only Knows
Artist: The Beach Boys
Other: composed and produced by Brian Wilson with lyrics by Tony Asher and lead vocal by Carl Wilson.
From Album: Pet Sounds
Year Released: 1966
Notes:  It was one of the first commercial pop songs to use the word ‘God’ in its title. The song was also far more technically sophisticated than anything the Beach Boys, or arguably any pop group, had ever attempted before — particularly the complicated melodic structure and vocal harmonies.

Mojo magazine ranked the song as the 13th greatest song of all time. Pitchfork Media named it the best song of the 1960s. The song is 25th on Rolling Stonelist of the 500 greatest songs of all time.



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